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Garage Door Sales & Installation Services

McDaniel Door Service is able to provide professional and affordable garage door and garage door opener sales and installation for Hickory, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Even if you didn't purchase from us directly, any garage door or opener brand, we will install it for you.

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When it comes time to replace your garage doors, look no further than McDaniel Door Service for your new garage doors and garage door installation.  We are proud to be Hickory, North Carolina and the surrounding area's only factory authorized dealer of Hormann brand garage doors.  We gladly put the McDaniel family name behind Hormann's line of garage doors.  When you need new garage doors you can rest assured that with a Hormann brand garage door you have the best you can get.  Click here to learn about the reasons we are glad to partner with Hormann.


At McDaniel Door Service we have customers contact us fairly often to request installation of a garage door or garage door opener that they purchased elsewhere.  We gladly provide garage door installation services in such cases.  Whether you are a do-it-yourself type and you decided not to tackle the project or you purchased the doors from another garage door company or "big box" store it makes no difference!  We will gladly provide you the best garage door installation service you will find in Hickory, North Carolina or the surrounding area.  Just because we didn't sell the garage door or garage door opener to you doesn't mean you shouldn't have the best garage door and/or opener installation possible.

The McDaniel Door Service Difference:

Some garage door companies frown upon installing "other people's" products.  The way we see it at McDaniel Door Service - customers are people! If we can help someone with a garage door related issue, well, that's why we're in business, right?  Garage door stuff.

We will provide you the best garage door or opener installation we possibly can.  The only downside, of course, is that we can't service some aspects of warranties for any garage door products we don't sell directly...well, that and the fact that we sell the best garage doors and garage door openers of course!  :-)


Some of our garage door installation services include:

preparation and building/repairing the opening - new garage door sales - garage door installation - garage door opener installation - garage door product assessment (did you get what you need?) - and more

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