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About Us

When it comes to garage doors, "McDaniel" is the Hickory, North Carolina and surrounding area's longest trusted name. We know garage doors: how to fix them, service them, & install them...correctly.  When you need garage door repairs, garage doors, garage door openers, garage door parts, or anything else garage doors trust McDaniel Door Service!

Home of the D.A.D. Guarantee.

Dependable. Affordable. Done right.

As the name would imply, this guarantee is an homage to my dad. He started one of the first garage door companies in Hickory over 40 years ago and is the reason I carry on this proud tradition. He is known for always doing what he says he will do, charging fair prices and providing expert garage door work.

So there you go - D.A.D.  The standard by which the McDaniel name is carried on.

My dad started one of the first garage door companies in Hickory over 40 years ago. I am proudly carrying on that tradition after more than 20 years by my dad's side. I learned from the best in the business. Through the years we've tackled all sorts of residential and commercial projects and situations, large and small. When it comes to garage doors, there aren't too many things we haven't seen or done.
Unfortunately, the garage door industry has seen more than a few dishonest business owners taking advantage of unknowing customers (as seen on an episode of Dateline a few years back). A good reputation is priceless, and it doesn't come from being dishonest. If you don't need a certain part or your door can be safely repaired without replacing, you will be told - not sold.
Every single garage door customer must be satisfied and have a great experience. Each customer's garage door is treated as if it were our own and the work is done right. No exceptions. Great pride is also taken in answering every question you may have so that you are completely informed and know exactly what you paid for.

"Treat it like it's yours and do it right the first time. Then everyone's happy!" - my dad

All garage door services and parts are priced affordably, fairly, and plainly. No surprises. No hidden costs. No inflated parts pricing. Period.

"I learned from the best in the business.  I literally put the family name on everything I touch.  That's pressure to do it right every time." - Adam McDaniel

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